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蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen
蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen



Today I welcomed a delegation led by US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar II to the Presidential Office. This was an important step forward for Taiwan and the US’s joint fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.    In March of this year Taiwan and the US issued a Joint Statement on a Partnership against Coronavirus, expanding our collaboration on sharing the supplies required to combat COVID-19. When we see White House staff wearing Made in Taiwan face masks, we are all pleased to see that our friends in partner nations believe #TaiwanCanHelp.    By leading a delegation for exchanges during the current pandemic, Secretary Azar and his team will gain a clearer understanding of Taiwan’s pandemic prevention experience, and we can plot out the direction of future Taiwan-US cooperation together.    Taiwan’s response to the pandemic has proven that we are capable of both containing the spread of the virus within our own borders and effectively helping the rest of the world in their efforts to beat COVID-19. I hope that considerable progress can be made in Taiwan-US joint efforts to develop a vaccine and drugs. Taiwan and the US will work together to contribute to peace, stability, and development in the Indo-Pacific.    今天,我在總統府接見美國衛生部阿札爾(Alex Azar II)部長訪問團,這是台美防疫合作的重要一大步。    早在今年三月,台美發表了 #防疫夥伴關係聯合聲明,在防疫物資交流等面向加強合作。當我們看到美國白宮官員戴著印有「Made in Taiwan」的口罩,都很高興「Taiwan Can Help 」的理念能在夥伴國家落實。    這次阿札爾部長率團來交流,將能更清楚了解台灣的防疫經驗,也能共同研擬未來台美合作的方向。    在這波疫情中,台灣已經證明:我們不但守住了國內疫情防線,也有能力協助國際對抗疫情。期待台美共同研發生產疫苗及藥品,能有顯著的進展,台灣和美國,將會一起為印太區域的和平穩定發展貢獻力量。    更多英文發文請看我的Twitter:https://twitter.com/iingwen/status/1292676266890412034

更新時間 : 2020/08/11 22:55